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Coptic Sunday School Curriculum, by Father Rueiss Awad of St. George and St. Rueiss Coptic Orthodox Church, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Your leading resource for English Sunday school curriculum for Coptic children and youth!

Education involves relaying information, Sunday school is about more than that. It involves a unique opportunity for the Holy Spirit to touch each student as he or she needs Him to through the lessons given by a Sunday school servant who has prayerfully prepared for the class. Each lesson at every grade level in this program has been carefully prepared to cover an important aspect of our children's lives in Christ. These books at your fingertips are a wonderful tool - gathering together writings from our Church’s stores of spiritual wisdom, from centuries past until today - to bring our children to our Lord Jesus Christ.

God bless you all my beloved children,

- Father Rueiss Awad

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Psychologically based themes for each age, meeting end of year specific
milestones and goals in Scripture, Dogma and Spirituality,
Church Rituals and Morals.

Calendar Based
Patrology Based
Practical &
Contemporary Based

Spiritual Subjects

It gives me a great blessing to present to our Coptic Orthodox Churches in the Land of Immigration a collection of Spiritual Subjects. With the help of the Lord, I have written these subjects over a long period of time using plenty of the Coptic Orthodox resources available to me.

Spiritual life is the most important aspect to study regardless of the subjects that are being studied. The real problem in the life of anyone is being separated from God.

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School Curriculum

The Coptic Orthodox Sunday School Curriculum was created as a tool to help maintain our Orthodox faith.

Prep Curriculum

The Servant’s Preparation Curriculum is a key tool to utilize for all Sunday School teaching.


These lessons will educate & equip the servants of Christ to better deal with the practical challenges that our children and youth face today.


Pope of Alexandria and the Patriarch of the Holy Apostolic See of Saint Mark the
Evangelist of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria

1923 - 2012